For those of our users who are also PC gamers, you may be interested to learn that MyRadar has teamed up with Cloud Imperium Games, the makers of the exciting, up-coming AAA title "Star Citizen", to render maps of their virtual moons right here in our weather app!

After years of developing our mapping technology to display weather patterns on the earth, we had begun experimenting with displaying other planetary bodies; our first foray into this area was in using NASA's satellite imagery to display maps of the planet Mars, available now in Android and coming soon to iOS. In order to experiment with our technology even further, we've combined this same technology with data from the virtual worlds from the game, and now users can explore these virtual moons right in MyRadar - tap the "Map Types" icon (second in from the left) to embark on your armchair moon expedition!

Veteran news journalist Miles O'Brien sat down with the creators of Star Citizen for MyRadar and delved further into the game's origins and development progress. Check out the interview below! (You can re-watch this interview at any time by tapping the "Video" icon in MyRadar, down in the middle of the main toolbar)

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